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Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest is a powerful book about the journey of overcoming obstacles in pursuit of greatness. From addiction, self doubt, illness, PTSD, and the loss of loved ones- this book will pull you in while empowering you to keep going. While every author's insight in this book is different, you will notice a common thread.

Every single one of them got back up and kept going.

While you wait for the book go ahead and tune in!!

The Becoming The Big Me Podcast

Diving into all things mind, body, and business with your host Djemilah Birnie and occasional special guests.

We all are on a journey... a journey of Becoming. There is never a time that we have "arrived", just continue to grow each and every day. The Becoming the Big Me Podcast showcases this journey. From sharing empowering stories of triumph to the tactile actions to take to continue to grow in all areas; mind, body, and business.


Brought to you by the authors of Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest

Rewire Challenge: Tap into the power of your unconscious mind.

Discover the power that lays hidden within your own mind, receive tangible action steps to rekindle your relationship with your subconscious mind.

Dive into your subconscious mind and tap into your innate superpowers within. In this challenge we will go past the fluff and not only explain the science behind the WHY and the HOW but actually give you the tangible actionable steps in order to shift your reality.

Learn the foundational habits to success, the best time to tap into your subconscious mind, how to harness subliminal suggestion, how to consciously take control of the subconscious process and much much more in this free challenge created by Djemilah Birnie .

The Rewire Challenge Includes

*50 minute Sleepy Time Hypnosis*

*Subconscious Journaling Activity*

*Hypnotic Coloring Adult Coloring Pages*

*Subliminal Screen Activity*

*additional support and resources*

The 14 Day Shift: More Peace in Your Household

The 14 Day Shift was created by Dr. Frances Malone ARNP, PhD and is a simple 3 step process to use your own energy to ground your child. This free challenge and e-book/workbook has been designed to walk you through the process of leaning into your parental intuition, using your own energy to ground your child, while also bringing more peace to your household.

After spending decades in the quest of bringing holistic health solutions to families, pediatrics, and research Dr. Malone was asked what the ONE thing was that parents could do TODAY to see a rapid improvement in the energy of a household - her answer has been turned into this E-Book and challenge so that your family may begin to experience more ease and flow as well.

Have You Given Away Your Power?

Download this FREE e-book to understand the REAL reason you are DISCONNECTED from your POWER by Russel Creed of Invictus Life.

Take the first step in clearing a path to a new future by identifying your personal roadblocks with this FREE Guide.

5 Amazing Ways to Bootstrap Your Business with Brain Science Selling

Want to know how to bootstrap your business and still achieve sales?

Find out how Valerie Fischer was able to book 178 paid live trainings spending only $308 in Facebook ads​

What is Brain Science Selling?

Brain Science Selling® is a digital marketing approach combining Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques with advertising and marketing strategies aimed to help entrepreneurs increase revenue. It is based on the PRIME framework designed to help you.

This method is founded by Valerie Fischer.

7 Day Yoga Challenge With Tanya

Do you want to kick start a Yoga Practice?

Then follow along with this simple 7 day yoga challenge! Beginner friendly or just enough to get you back in your groove. Brought to you by Tanya Milano Snell.

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