About Becoming the Big Me

Founded by Djemilah Birnie with a mission to inspire, uplift, and provide the tools to others to step into their full potential. Through the Becoming the Big Me Universe we will be diving into all things....


Mental health is one of the keys to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. You MUST take care of your mind and mental state of being.


This is the machine that runs it all- the vessel. Taking care of your body is a key component to sustained success.


How are you impacting the world and making a difference? By growing your business you have the opportunity to positively impact more lives.

We are all on a journey...

There is never a point in which you have "Made It".

Becoming the Big Me is about choosing to step into your greater potential each and every day.

It is about learning and sometimes messing up but always getting back up.

The origin:

We all have different voices in our heads and often times the voices that are the loudest don't even belong to us.

I like to call these the little minions...

You know what I'm talking about...The voices that tell us to not dream so big...

The voices that tell us we need to slow down...

The voices that tell us we are not good enough...

We all have them,

but then there is this other voice...

Now this voice often times isn't quite as loud

However it is persistent

The voice of truth and divine love

This is your big me voice.

Becoming the big me reminds us that we are all on a journey of stepping into our greatest potential each and every day.

Do you want to learn more about your founder and organizer, Djemilah Birnie? Then visit her website www.djemilah.com

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